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Carmel Amero joined Lerman Senter’s Broadcast and Media practice group after graduating from The George Washington University Law School in 2020. Read More
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Sally Buckman serves as the Manager of Lerman Senter. She specializes in regulatory and business issues facing companies in the media industry. Sally has represented clients involved in all facets of media. Read More
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David Burns brings more than 30 years of experience representing media and communications companies to serve his clients. His primary focus is on regulatory and transactional matters facing the broadcast, cable and satellite industries. Read More
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Jeff Carlisle’s practice covers a broad swath of the telecommunications industry, from wireless to satellite to wireline and cable. He has extensive experience representing telecommunications companies and investors. Read More
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Paul Cicelski provides strategic representation to TV and radio broadcasters, programmers, technology providers, cable and satellite companies, lenders, and a wide-variety of other communications businesses. Read More
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Kevin Cookler advises on regulatory, transactional, litigation, and policy matters for private wireless licensees and commercial wireless providers, electric and gas utilities, wireless internet service providers, equipment manufacturers and vendors, and other technology companies. Read More
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Steve Coran is chair of Lerman Senter's Broadband, Spectrum, Utilities, and Communications Infrastructure practice group. He represents broadband providers, equipment and technology companies, and new technology firms, serving their policy, transactional, compliance, and licensing needs. Read More
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Brett Heather Freedson is an advocate and advisor to utility companies, with expertise in infrastructure-related matters including pole attachments and collocation. Read More
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Rebecca Jacobs Goldman counsels a diverse array of clients, including companies and individuals in the communications, technology and media industries. She is known for leveraging deep industry knowledge in the communications regulatory space with a flexible, forward-thinking approach to counseling clients. Read More
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Art Harding has represented clients in the broadcasting, cable television, and telecommunications sectors for over 40 years, with a particular concentration on interactions between broadcasters and MVPDs, including must carry, retransmission consent, and copyright. Read More
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David Keir's practice spans a broad spectrum of federal telecommunications regulation, involving matters in most areas of FCC oversight, including broadcasting, cable, satellite, international carrier, and wireless services. Read More
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Erin Kim advises media and other telecommunications clients on transactional and FCC regulatory matters. She designs and structures deals to comply with both business and regulatory objectives, drafts and negotiates transaction agreements, and leads clients through the regulatory approval processes. Read More
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Steve Lerman served as Managing Member of Lerman Senter from 2000 to 2017, and is currently Senior Counsel. The range of his practice is unrivaled within the Communications Bar. Read More
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Lou Levy has extensive experience advising clients in the areas of trademark, copyright, unfair competition, publicity rights, e-commerce, data privacy, computer security, and online and mobile advertising. Read More
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Grant Lukas’s core legal background is in telecommunications law. Grant spent a summer as an associate with a telecommunications law firm, and a semester interning with the Federal Communications Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau. Read More
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Brian Madden specializes in representing radio and television station owners in all aspects of regulatory matters before the FCC and other governmental agencies, and in transactions involving the purchase and sale of broadcast properties. Read More
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Nancy Ory serves as chair of Lerman Senter's Broadcast and Media practice group. She specializes in business and regulatory issues facing television and radio broadcasters, including large publicly-traded broadcast companies, group owners, small radio and television licensees, and Spanish-language programers. Read More
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Mark has served clients in the communications field since 1975, particularly in matters relating to international copyright, negotiations of program affiliation agreements, E-rate funding, interconnection agreements between private carriers, and other FCC regulatory matters. Read More
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Scott Pippin’s practice focuses on regulatory compliance issues that affect commercial and noncommercial radio and television stations, and telecommunications and satellite providers. Read More
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David Rines focuses on regulatory, policy, and transactional issues for commercial and private wireless services (mobile and fixed), broadband services, and wireline communications services. Read More
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Meredith Senter has specialized in communications law since 1980. His current practice focuses on complex or novel matters before the Federal Communications Commission, particularly mergers and acquisitions and other investment transactions. Read More
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Howard Topel has practiced communications and corporate law for over forty years. His practice focuses on the representation of television and radio broadcasting companies and venture capital funds that invest in communications properties. Read More
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S. Jenell Trigg is the chair of Lerman Senter’s Privacy, Data Security and E-Commerce practice. She specializes in privacy and data security issues, intellectual property concerns, and government regulation of the Internet and new technologies. Read More
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