FCC Broadcast Ownership Reports Due Between October 2 and December 1, 2023

Broadcast licensees have two months to file their biennial ownership reports. Read More

FTC Proposes Rule to Eliminate Fake Reviews

The FTC wants to make it illegal to post fake reviews and testimonials, suppress negative reviews, or pay for positive ones. Read More

FCC Proposes Changes and Clarifications for Robocall/Robotext Rules

The FCC is asking for comments on proposed changes to its robocall/robotext requirements for grant and revocation of consumer consents. Read More

Gateway and Facilities-Based Small Voice Providers Reminded of June 30, 2023 STIR/SHAKEN Deadline

The FCC is reminding facilities-based small voice providers, and gateway providers not subject to further extension, to implement the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework in their IP networks by June 30, 2023. Read More

FCC/FTC Actions Hold Voice Service Providers Responsible for Illegal Robocalling

The FCC and FTC have stepped up enforcement against voice service providers they say are responsible for helping transmit illegal robocall traffic. Read More