Lerman Senter has been at the forefront of international satellite communications regulation and policy since the firm’s inception. We represent established and emerging companies in the fixed-satellite service, including providers of mobile applications using geostationary satellites, and providers of emerging in-orbit services including planned commercial space stations. We also represent companies in the flourishing radio-navigation satellite service field, and manufacturers and other companies seeking experimental authority to test innovative transmission equipment.

Lerman Senter’s attorneys provide a broad variety of satellite-related services, including:

  • Participating in licensing and policymaking proceedings before the FCC.
  • Advising on regulatory compliance and enforcement matters.
  • Counseling on FCC regulatory aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including those involving significant foreign investment in U.S. licensees, which entail transfer or assignment of satellite space and earth station licenses and other Title III authorizations, experimental licenses, and/or equipment authorizations.
  • Advising on the development and achievement of U.S. policy objectives on international radiofrequency spectrum management and use issues before the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and associated regional intergovernmental organizations.

Representative Matters

  • Helped negotiate the development of the nation's initial policy determination to permit commercial international satellite systems.
  • Obtained licensing — after extensive domestic and international regulatory efforts and Congressional lobbying — of the world's first privately-owned operational international satellite system.
  • Secured authority in a contested proceeding, in advance of the adoption of service rules, for one of the first earth station networks operating on commercial aircraft in the fixed-satellite service bands.
  • Guided the legal, regulatory, and policy aspects of new low and medium earth orbit satellite technology capable of providing low-cost voice, data, and messaging communications services.
  • Worked on behalf of a U.S. satellite service provider at the forefront of the successful U.S. legislative effort that led to the privatization of Intelsat.

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