FCC Seeks Comment On LPTV, Translator, FM Cost Catalog

The FCC is asking for public comment on its proposed catalog of costs that may be incurred by LPTV, translator and FM stations affected by the broadcast repacking process. These costs are subject to potential reimbursement if “reasonably incurred” by an eligible entity. A copy of the Cost Catalog is available here.

The Cost Catalog is tailored to the equipment and services most likely to be used or purchased by LPTV, translator and FM stations as a result of broadcaster repacking. It reflects predetermined costs or cost ranges for stations to use as estimates when they do not have quotes from vendors. These price ranges are considered “acceptable price ranges” and therefore cost justification will not be needed when requesting reimbursement for expenses within the ranges. The FCC seeks comment on whether the Cost Catalog is missing any types of expenses that are likely to be incurred and on the price ranges in the Cost Catalog.

Comments are due by November 21, 2018 and Reply Comments are due by December 6, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the Cost Catalog or would like to file comments in response to its release, please contact any attorney in our office.

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