FCC Announces 2021 Filing Window for New Non-Commercial FM Station Permits

The FCC will open a window in 2021 for applicants to file for construction permits to build new non-commercial FM radio stations. The exact dates of the window and other details will be released in the coming months.

The FCC has tentatively decided that each applicant will be limited to filing ten applications in the window, as was the case in the most recent non-commercial FM window in 2007. The limit is intended to deter speculative filings and to expedite processing of applications. The FCC is requesting comments on this proposal.

Existing non-commercial stations will not be able to file for major modifications in the window, but apparently will be permitted to file applications for new stations that are mutually exclusive with their existing facilities, provided they surrender their existing license before commencing operations on the new station.

Comments on the ten-application limit are due within 15 days after publication of the FCC notice in the Federal Register, with reply comments due 25 days after publication.

Please contact any attorney in our office if you need more information about the filing window or would like to file comments in the proceeding.

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