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FAA to Adopt New Rules to Require Certain 50- to 200-Foot Towers to Be Clearly Marked

Under current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules, towers that are less than 200 feet tall only require FAA approval if they are located on or near an airport, or if the tower falls within the “slope” of an airport runway. However, pursuant… Read More
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New FCC Pole Attachment Rate Formula Effective March 4, 2016

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that the new pole attachment rate formula recently adopted by the agency will go into effect on March 4, 2016. The FCC amended its pole attachment rate formula to bring the “telecom rate” fo… Read More
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FCC Announces New FAA Antenna Structure Marking and Lighting Requirements

The FCC has announced new marking and lighting standards for antenna structures that must be reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and registered in the FCC’s Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system. Under the FCC’s rules, a… Read More
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FCC Proposes Fines for Violations of RF Exposure Limits by Rooftop-Mounted Antennas

The FCC recently proposed fines against two antenna operators for violations of the FCC’s RF exposure rules for antennas mounted on a building rooftop in Phoenix, Arizona. The antennas in question were operated by Wirelessco (a subsidiary of Sprint)… Read More
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FCC Consent Decree for Violations of Antenna Structure Registration, Lighting, and Environmental Review Rules

The FCC has entered into a Consent Decree requiring a wireless carrier to pay $620,500 and implement a detailed three-year compliance plan for violations of the FCC’s antenna structure registration, lighting, and environmental and historic preservati… Read More
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FCC Adopts Rules Regarding Retirement of Carrier Copper Networks and Seeks Further Comment

The FCC has adopted new rules that will require incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) to provide notice to their retail customers – including utilities and other critical infrastructure industry entities – prior to retiring their copper network… Read More
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Critical Infrastructure Companies Approved to Use Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Electric and gas utilities, oil and gas companies, and third party vendors are among those that have obtained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to support a variety of commercial operations, inc… Read More
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FCC Seeks Comment on Revising Historic Preservation Review Process for Small Facility Deployments

The FCC has invited comment on proposed changes to streamline the historic review process for collocations of small wireless communications facilities, including deployments on utility poles, streetlights, and on structures in existing utility rights-o… Read More
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FCC Reminds Part 22 Licensees of Technical Rules and Seeks Comment on Need for Technical Flexibility

The FCC has issued a Public Notice to remind licensees who operate frequencies licensed under the FCC’s Part 22 Paging and Radiotelephone Service rules – including electric utilities who use these frequencies for their private land mobile communica… Read More
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