The FCC's Digital Discrimination Rules Take Effect March 22, 2024. Are You Ready?

The compliance deadline for the new Digital Discrimination Rules is quickly approaching. The rules prohibiting intentional discrimination take effect on March 22, 2024. The rules broadly apply to broadband internet access service providers and entities “that facilitate and affect consumer access to broadband internet access service.” Compliance with the new rules will require affected entities to identify actions that may be deemed to have a discriminatory effect, an analysis that can impact day-to-day decision making and existing processes. The FCC has indicated that its rules preventing disparate impact on protected classes will not be enforced until September 22.

Affected entities are encouraged to proactively develop guidance that covers existing and proposed activities, leverages best practices, and outlines key objectives tailored to their company’s service area and business.

Lerman Senter is actively working with clients to develop digital discrimination compliance plans and assisting with employee training and education. For more information about our tailored compliance plans, or the Digital Discrimination Rules in general, contact an attorney in our Broadband, Spectrum, and Communications Infrastructure practice group.