Internet Job Postings Now Satisfy FCC's EEO Recruitment Requirement

The FCC will now allow broadcasters to use online job postings as their sole method of recruitment for job vacancies. This major policy change, effective immediately, means that broadcasters can rely entirely on Internet recruitment sources, and can even “choose to rely on a single online job posting if the posting appears on a website that is so widely used that it can reasonably be expected to widely disseminate information about the job vacancy.” The only exception to the new “Internet-only” rule is that stations still need to notify community groups of job openings if those groups have specifically requested to be notified.

Before, stations had been required to contact an array of non-Internet sources when recruiting for open positions, and faced the potential of hefty fines if they used the Internet as their sole recruitment source.

Stations must continue to conduct general, non-vacancy specific educational outreach efforts such as participating in job fairs, establishing internships or scholarship programs, and speaking before schools and community groups about employment in the broadcasting industry. Stations must also continue to file annual EEO Public File reports and maintain records in support of the recruitment and educational activities referenced in the reports.

If you have questions regarding these changes to the FCC’s EEO rules, or any other aspect of EEO compliance or enforcement, please contact any attorney in our office.

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