FCC's Media Bureau Will Waive Report Filing Deadline For Stations Experiencing Coronavirus Hardships

The FCC’s Media Bureau will grant waivers of quarterly and/or annual report filing deadlines to radio and television stations that are experiencing staffing shortages or other hardships due to the coronavirus, including those caused by employee illnesses and government-imposed shutdowns and quarantines.

Examples of reports that are due in the coming days include 1st Quarter 2020 issues programs reports (due April 10) and annual children’s television programming reports (due March 30). Radio and television stations located in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas also have annual EEO public file reports due April 1.

If your station is short-staffed due to the coronavirus or is experiencing other coronavirus-related hardships, and you think you will have difficulty meeting these upcoming deadlines, you should ask the FCC for a waiver of the filing deadline(s).

If you’d like more information or would like us to help you file a waiver request, contact any attorney in our office.

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