FCC Warns Property Owners About Pirate Radio Broadcasts

The FCC has issued notices to sixteen property owners in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan area warning them about investigations into illegal unlicensed radio broadcasts coming from their properties. Property owners can face penalties of $115,802 per day, with a maximum of up to $2,316,304, for failing to stop so-called “pirate radio stations” from broadcasting from their properties.

The notices asked the property owners to respond with evidence that pirate broadcasting is no longer permitted at the property and to identify the individuals engaging in the illegal broadcasting. The FCC said that failing to respond to a notice would result in the FCC determining a property owner had sufficient knowledge of the illegal activity to justify enforcement action, and possibly monetary penalties, against the owner.

Property owners of both residential and commercial properties should consider this a reminder to be aware of illegal broadcasting activities occurring on their premises, and to make sure tenants know pirate broadcasting will not be permitted.

If you have questions about the FCC’s notices to property owners or about the broadcast licensing process in general, please contact an attorney in our Media practice group.

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