FCC Threatens Broadcaster's License Due to Nonpayment of Fees

The FCC is threatening to revoke a Texas radio station’s license due to the licensee’s repeated failure to pay its annual regulatory fees. In an Order to Pay or to Show Cause, the FCC demanded that the licensee either pay the overdue fees (and interest and costs) or explain why it shouldn’t have to pay. Otherwise, according to the FCC, the broadcaster may lose its license.

The FCC’s action should serve as a reminder that payment of annual regulatory fees is not only an administrative requirement, but essential to maintaining broadcast station licenses. If broadcasters are unable to pay their regulatory fees when the fees come due (usually in September of each year), they should make arrangements in advance to seek a waiver or fee reduction, or to set up a payment plan with the FCC. Simply ignoring the annual fees can lead to serious actions by the FCC, including revocation of station licenses.

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