FCC Revises Application Fees

The FCC has issued a Report and Order that significantly updates and revises the fees the FCC charges to process applications, modifications, amendments, license renewals, and various other filings.

The FCC is reducing the number of fee categories from eight to five: Wireless Licensing Fees, Media Licensing Fees, Equipment Approval Fees, Domestic Service Fees, and International Service Fees. The FCC is also reducing the number of different application fees from 450 to 173. The FCC bases the new fees on its labor costs to process the various types of applications, using time and staff compensation estimates. Applications that are handled mostly by automated processes will now be assessed a $35 fee.

The new fees will take effect in 2021 after they are published in the Federal Register and as the FCC updates its fee payment systems.

For more information about the FCC's new application fees, please contact any attorney in our office.