Comments Are Due April 29 in New FCC Ownership Proceeding

The FCC has set April 29, 2019 as the deadline for comments to be filed in its review of broadcast ownership rules, and is strongly encouraging broadcasters to be active participants in the proceeding.

Among the issues to be addressed are the limits on the number of radio stations that can be commonly owned in a market, including the possible elimination of the current subcaps that limit the number of AM and/or FM stations that can be owned in a market. The FCC will also address the restriction on combinations of top-4 television stations in a market. The Notice of Proposed Rule Making, which contains numerous questions for comment, is available here.

After the initial round of comments is submitted by April 29, reply comments will be due May 29.

The proceeding offers broadcasters the opportunity to comment on certain issues (like the local radio ownership restrictions) that have not been addressed since the 1990s. We strongly encourage our broadcast clients to submit comments voicing their views and concerns. Please contact any attorney in our office if you would like to file comments.

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