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Recruiting at Lerman Senter


Why Work at Lerman Senter

Lerman Senter combines the collegiality of a small firm with the challenge and complexity of representing clients that are leaders in the media and telecommunications industries. The members of and counsel to the firm have many years of experience in their fields, and the associates have compiled superior academic records at many of the finest law schools in the United States. Together, we seek an appropriate balance of law practice and life outside the office, consistent with producing the highest quality legal product and outstanding client service.

Lerman Senter’s Expectations

  1. Meet our clients' legitimate and realistic expectations:
    1. Understand their business and its needs;
    2. Provide the best possible legal service to enhance their business objectives;
    3. Stay in contact by returning their calls and e-mails promptly; and
    4. Proactively keep them informed of relevant legal developments and trends.
  2. Handle your fair share of the workload [this does not mean working every weeknight and weekend]; 
  3. Develop as a valued legal practitioner and advisor to our clients;
  4. Cooperate and comply with firm policies;
  5. Convey your views to Members and the firm's administration, recognizing you are part of our team and we want your input; and
  6. Participate in firm activities (marketing, interviews, social events).

In Return, Lerman Senter will provide you with

  1. A friendly, collegial work environment where you are considered part of a team, not simply a resource;
  2. A nicely appointed office with the facilities you need;
  3. Increasingly sophisticated, diverse and interesting work assignments;
  4. Direct contact with clients as soon as you are ready;
  5. The opportunity to play an active role in firm affairs, and continuous contact with Members of the firm;
  6. A firm managed for fairness, efficiency and profit;
  7. Ongoing feedback on your work product and abilities with a proactive mentoring program to help you achieve your goals, and an annual evaluation of your progress;
  8. Opportunities to receive real training (through personal contact with Members, informal and formal seminars, Bar functions, activities paid for by the firm);
  9. A competitive salary with a full benefits package; and
  10. A real opportunity to become an owner of your own professional life and of a well-recognized and respected law firm.