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Copyright and Trademark

Lerman Senter PLLC provides clients with substantial expertise in the area of intellectual property and proprietary rights, focusing primarily on copyright, trademark, and licensing issues. We offer a full range of legal services, from analysis and advice on day-to-day issues to implementing worldwide trademark strategies and coordinating litigation efforts. Our attorneys represent clients in U.S. federal court and before national and international administrative agencies and organizations such as the U.S. Copyright Office, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Our broad range of media clients has put us in the ideal position to understand the complex ways in which a company's business needs interact with its intellectual property interests. As a result, we can confidently advise and counsel our clients on the ways in which various intellectual property laws will affect their interests and offer them legislative support, advice on strategy, and private registration, enforcement, and litigation assistance. For example, we aid our mass media clients with respect to various copyright problems and issues that arise in the production, purchase, licensing, broadcast, and webcast of program material. We also assist electronic information industry clients with numerous computer and Internet-related copyright concerns. In addition, we recommend trademark and domain name registration strategies to enable media clients to protect their valuable intellectual property effectively and cost-efficiently.

Our clients receive assistance in the following areas, among others:

  • Negotiating the purchase and/or licensing of material for print publication, broadcast, and webcast
  • Handling satellite and cable compulsory license matters, including rights of foreign authors
  • Clearance, registration, and maintenance of federal, state, and international trademarks
  • Protection and registration of domestic and international domain names
  • Trademark and domain name enforcement, through the negotiation, litigation, and arbitration of international and domestic trademark conflicts
  • Registration and enforcement of copyrights in a variety of media-related sources
For more information, please see Copyright Practice and Trademark Practice.

Representative Matters

  • Successfully rescued several clients' critical domain names from cybersquatters through litigation, arbitration, and/or negotiation
  • Resurrected a client's ability to register a critical trademark in key markets around the world though a novel regulatory approach and successful negotiation of a global trademark settlement agreement
  • Effectively advised numerous clients on copyright licensing issues with respect to streaming and transmission of audio and video signals for use on Internet websites, including drafting agreements between over-the-air radio and television stations and website owners

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