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Privacy Policy

Contact Information

We appreciate concerns about the confidentiality of personal information on the Internet.  Accordingly, we do not obtain personally identifying information (also known as PII) from you when you visit our website. You may, of course, choose to provide such information by sending us an e-mail message or other correspondence.  When you send us an email message, you may also choose to include your company name, address, telephone number and fax number.  Depending on the nature of your inquiry, your information may be used to contact you by telephone or to send you specific information by mail or by fax.  Any information that you submit to us will be used primarily for the purpose of responding to your message or information request, but may also be used to allow other consultants or business contacts to get in touch with you.  If you submit a resume or other information by email in connection with an employment inquiry, we will use this information only in connection with our application review process.

Tracking Data

Our web host also collects and provides to us certain non-personally-identifying information in order to help us assess what information on our site is of most interest to visitors, and to identify ways in which we can make our website more accessible and more useful.  Only the following visitor information is collected: the name of the domain from which our website is accessed (e.g., aol.com for those using an America Online account); the date and time of access; the Internet address of any website from which a user linked directly to lsl-law.com; the country from which access was initiated; and the operating system and internet browser software that was used.  In addition, we are provided details concerning the number of times each page on our site has been accessed.  All of this information is presented in the aggregate, and does not permit identification of any individual site visitor.

Links to Other Websites

Our site contains links to other websites that may be of interest to our clients and others.  These sites may have information and privacy practices that differ from ours, and we have no control over the business practices or the information that may be requested or collected by these third party websites.  Users should review the individual privacy notices posted on these sites.

Effective Date/Changes

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.  The effective date of this policy is June 6, 2007.